Since 1998 the Family and Children First Council (FCFC) has been collecting data on the health and well-being of Montgomery County and its residents. The purpose is to track the progress the community is making on improving the conditions for children, families, adults, and neighborhoods in Montgomery County.

These Community Indicators are published each year in the Human Services Planning and Development Annual Report. They are grouped under the three Community Focus Areas that the FCFC uses to organize its work. These Focus Areas — listed on the left — capture the VISION of the FCFC:

Montgomery County is a place where families, children and adults live in safe, supportive neighborhoods, care for and respect one another, value each other, and succeed in school, the workplace and life.

In addition to the Community Indicators there may be some “Other Data” associated with each Focus Area. These data elements supplement the Community Indicators; some were published in previous annual Reports and others were identified during the Joint Strategic Planning process. Check back often to see what has been added.

By clicking on each of the Focus Areas you will see the related Community Indicators and Other Data. Click each item to get further information. Under each Focus Area you will also find links to additional data analyses on a wide range of topics called "Behind the Numbers." To read more about the tools we use for understanding and interpreting the data, please click here.

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